Klimt Exhibition

Meet the artist like never before

“Klimt : The Immersive Experience” in a unique digital art exhibition. Gustav Klimt’s masterpieces and many stages of his life get literally animated in a totally 360° immersive experience. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable special effects laden immersive experience.

Portrait de Gustave Klimt

A spectacular light and video presentation choreographed to an original score…

The immersive Gallery of the Klimt exhibition dives you into the artist’s world. More than 200 works by Gustav Klimt are projected in an animated, creative and surprising way all around you. Your senses are awakened through these virtual brushstrokes.

Good to know: the show lasts 35 minutes and is put on a loop.

And much more…

The Klimt exhibition with the immersive component being its central theme is much more than an immersive Experience. A larger than life 3 Dimensional reproduction of the famous Kiss greets the visitors as well a spectacular Anamorphose bringing to life the various components of the Kiss.

The visitor can then transport himself through the infinity room which guides the public to the Immersive Experience. Panels and augmented reality help the public understand the essence of the artist through information panels and an audio guide.

Gustav Klimt VR

Cherry on top

A unique Virtual Reality experience (virtual reality) is also offered at the Klimt exhibition. It is the opportunity to slip into the skin of Gustav Klimt. Embark on a 10-minute journey chronicling his career…from an interior decorator to the secessionist era to the gold era.

* The VR experience is not included in the entrance ticket (2 € / person, no reservation possible)

For both, adults and children

The Klimt exhibition welcomes absolutely everybody. A perfect discovery for two but also for a group, with family or alone. There is even a surprise at the end for young artists!

Tip: the visit might take you up to 60-75min


Did you know?

Following on from Expo Monet (and previously Expo Van Gogh at the Brussels Stock Exchange [Bourse]), the Horta Gallery is hosting a new immersive experience. An excellent opportunity to discover in Brussels a new creation inspired by forerunners that have charmed audiences all over the world.